What does sustainability mean to us? what does it mean to live in a predominate capitalistic and discriminate society that will always work against us no matter how hard we try / work / scream for survival?!

We launched this business with a core and fundamental belief that sustainability is completely necessary for the survival the planet as a whole. So can we really continue in this way? can we really continue the business within a system that actively work against us and the likes of our business?


so we decided to do something about it.

We are changed our position and our surroundings. We re-located. It is the Choice we made in order to enhance our lives and the future for our kids and Business.

We are re located to warmer climates. We travelled to a place where we can grow and thrive off the land as much as possible. Where life is slower so we can appreciate it more. We came to Portugal 3,5 years ago and though we did suffer some interruptions to the business, we are currently doing our best to build it back up again and  we look back and appreciate our Journey. We believe that small businesses like ours are needed more than ever in order to challenge the massive fast fashion machine that is literally killing our planet.

As 2024 progresses our plans is to further spread the joy of our small colourful business and keep rescuing materials that people do not want. WE knit and sew and continue to create while we may also start to attend more events and festivals as we used to.

Thank You for following us on this journey and we look forward sharing more with you as the year progress.