As 2020 keeps throwing curve balls and giving us experiences we never known before, the need to adapt as a small business is essential for survival. We have considered payment plans before and now that we have more tools to implement them, we feel we can go ahead an offer our customers a way to take the load off a little for those of you who would rather spread the costs.

so here is the deal,

Cost of one or several items can be spread weekly or monthly to the maximum period of 3 months.

items will be shipped when the full amount it paid. We have to do this to protect ourselves as we are such a small business

You will be sent an invoice when payments are due.

payments will be via bank transfer / standing order / paypal

to enter into a payment plan, please check out using the BANK TRANSFER option, then send us an email on or message us on social media so we can discuss the payment plan best tailored to you.

Payment plans include shipping cost

payment plans are available for all items including Sale items.

if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us .


With thanks! FOZ team.