We welcome ourselves back to our e-commerce platform with the re-launch of our website – long overdue; the wait is over. We take pride in this electronic place and will work hard over the next few weeks to update you with the most incredible stock we have thus far created. so let us remind you of who we truly are- the foundation of our business:

Our garments come from a place of a deep passion for creativity; each piece unique and exclusive to each and every customer. We loathe waste of any form and so we make sure you know we are 100% support of a circular economy, with no materials we use having being part of any new mass production process. High street garments has about 5-6 various production processes involved in 1 singular garment and this is a massive contributor to green house gasses- hence we are adamant we do not want to take part in the further destruction of our planet.

Our business is about fashion you will love and want to keep forever and we want you to be aware of our story when you choose to spend your money with us. You are not only supporting us as a small family run business; but supporting a wider cause- and feel free to spread the word. We are modern day hippies; peaceful warriors; actively working toward a better future as much as we possibly can. This is our thing, our VIBE. if you resonate- come be part of this movement; which stretch further than our business; just dig a little deeper and find out more for yourself.

we will continue to be inspired; create and further inspire. Enjoy the browse and thanks for stopping by.

Anne & Godfrey