Love Camouflage? So do we. And perhaps not for the obvious reasons….All of our Camo jackets, parkas and shorts come from the army. They are authentic Ex-Army gear and this is why we like it- the clothes are of exceptional good quality. These Garments were made to last and withstand some very hard environments and be put to its ultimate wear test being worn by service men and women all over the globe. Our selection is from the 80’s and early 90’s and the garments come from a variety of various departments. WE have blue jackets and shirts from the RAF, as well as their all in one boiler suits we turn in to cropped jackets, funky pants and festival gear. We have lightweight DPM jackets and heavier Parka Coats which we adorn and embellish in our trademark Freedom of Ztyle Fashion. But we also use their buttons and trims and threads- things you would not necessarily think of. And why? because of the quality. WE aim to provide you with garments to last you for a long time so even if all materials are re-cycled / re-used, we make sure the quality is at the top.

So go ahead, browse and pick among our Camo Jackets and become a Good Karma Camo Chamelon in some fabulous Sustainable Fashion !