Yessss Gentlemen! if you are familiar with us you know we are unapologetic in what we do and we are fairly limitless when we do it as long as it is within our Sustainable and Ethical boundaries supporting a circular economy. Now – we need to adress the common question we get: do you do Men’s wear? WELLLLLL most of our stock is made to be Unisex. Many styles – ie all Ex-army wear and our Tee’s are in fact Men’s wear but we have no intention of “dulling down” our embellishments to suit societies and (as it turns out) most peoples very narrow idea of Men’s wear. Yes we do Colour. Yes we do Bling. However that said- we do have men who buy our stock as it is and these are the men we cater for! As unapologetic and confident as our stock and we applaud them strutting their stuff with and without our clothes on their backs!

Men’s wear needs reviving. Albeit some fresh air in the last few years as the rise of social media has played a vital role in much needed new pazazz, it still has a long way to go. We need to break down set boundaries and let go of boring stereotypes. Feel free to comment if you agree. In the meantime, we wont back down in what we do- we will keep on being more colourful and loud! More is in fact more!!!