Parisian and Scandinavians are known to be well dressed. Many bloggers proudly model their looks on these continental femme fatales. However, although wearing hair rollers in the supermarket and donning a Pyjama on the school tun is no joke (this does happen); despite these (not so) little fashion faux pas – Scouse women has got it going on! We consider them to be part of the BEST DRESSED list and here is Why:

The women of Liverpool and Merseyside are Passionate and very dedicated to Fashion! They take their outfits very seriously and they know what they love and what they want. It being a forever style Marriage to River Island or a dedication seeking out the best finds in the charity shops; Scouse women are fierce when it comes to seeking out that perfect item. And don’t get me started on going out (or OUTTTT as they would spell it) there is no holding back on the preparation: Hair, Makeup, Nails, Tan, Wax, Polish- you name it! Being a 30 min-max-getting-ready-kind-of-gal myself, I respect the effort they put in for an event. And I am fully aware that this effort isn’t only owned by Scouse Women, but many, many women all over the place. However, the gold medal for focus and determination in their own individual ideals of perfection goes to Scouse Women all the way!

So here’s to you; You FABULOUS hot Mamas and young ladies who grace the Streets of this very fine City! Keep doing your thang!