Lets talk about Angels. This Mythological, super natural being which comes in both (or shall we say several?) gender forms have been around since the dawn of the Abrahamic Religion as we know it. Divine persons with the ability to fly adorned with their beautiful wings, apparently with a sole purpose of protecting and guarding us human kinds (hence term guardian angel); however the name ANGEL derive from old latin meaning MESSENGER. There is, in fact, such a thing as Angelology: The theological study of angels is known as “angelology”. (wikipedia, of course)
Angels have been depicted and described for thousands of years and we humans who of course strive for a slither of divinity, dress up and even tattoo ourselves baring the quintessential wings on our backs.

Angels of course mean different things to different people but the fact that they have remained such an integral part of our spiritual and religious beliefs for so long does bare credit to their status. Personally I think that because they symbolize positive attributes such as hope, protection and caring nature – humankind will be reluctant in letting them become forgotten in decennials to come.

We too have found inspiration in these mystical creatures and have managed to create some fab Angel winged garments for your perusal. Remember that each and everyone is unique in their own right and exclusive to each of our customers.

Angel or No Angel, you can get your wings right here!