The Phrase “Power to the People” is one of the most famous phrases worldwide; and thus it has a long and a somewhat unknown history to it, it became a phenomenon when rightfully used by the Black Panther as well as the Hippie movement in the 1960’s. The very first Origins of the phrase are unknown and undated – it is almost impossible to know since there has been century long battles between the elite and the masses – world wide – throughout dawn of Man as we know it. But we feel that the Phrase is regaining is its strength now more than ever.

We use the phrase alongside other similar ones like “Power to the Peaceful” and Power of the People” and we do not do so because we are following a fad. We truly believe in their meaning. Freedom of Ztyle is a brand for everyday people who are and become Non Conformists by wanting to do good for the greater good; not only for them selves. For the People. For Like-minded souls and equal peaceful warriors who spread awareness. This world is in a bad way, but there is a lot of good in it and together we can spread the good and make change. We truly believe that.  Lets reclaim our Power and continue to be peaceful, yet fearless and a force to be reckoned with!

Peace, Love and Light!