Welcome to our brand new Website! We have created this Blog post to explain a bit further in depth about who we are and what we can offer You.

Freedom of Ztyle is a Sustainable and Ethical Fashion company with the aim to Reclaim and re-educate people about fashion. We are the opposite of Fast High street fashion; we offer one of a kind pieces of clothing Accessories and jewellery  that have been up-cycled or completely designed and hand made in our Studio in Liverpool.

Why can we call ourselves Sustainable and Ethical? We support a CIRCULAR ECONOMY  which means we completley favor goods and materials already in circulation rather than newly produced. Production industries (in any field, but lets focus on textiles and fashion related goods) are a heavy burden on our environment as well as exploitation of people in countries less fortunate (we will go in to these matters more in depth in separate Blog posts) and so we offer Fashions ethically and sustainably sourced by using materials already in circulation; for example Vintage clothes, fabrics and trims; unwanted or no longer needed materials and clothes which we acquire from the general public as well as companies who are offering job lots or clearances.  We then take these clothes and materials and make One-off special pieces which you can ONLY find from us. Each design are unique and will not be replicated. even though there are similar items- no 2 will ever be identical which means our customers will have an item completely unique and exclusive to them! An item for life rather than fast throw-away fashion!

Freedom of Ztyle also sell hand picked Vintage and designer brand second hand items which can fulfill any wardrobe. We endorse Creativity in personal style and we often market our clothes as Unisex as we have very few boundaries on what either sex is “supposed” to be wearing. We do not follow trends religiously, but acknowledge the inspirational movements of style within various groups of trend setters. We do not discriminate and we endorse diversity in age, gender and ethnicity. We also celebrate Creativity within personal style. Mix it up- Go BOLD, go WILD and feel completely FREE to be who you are!