Pierre Berge; the lifelong partner of the late great Yves Saint Laurent. He is a very wise man; not only because he and Yves collected one of the largest classic book collections in the world, but also because he has a way of describing FASHION in a very simple and true manner.

With the rise of social media over the last decade there are also a very large number of self proclaimed Fashionistas around; and Fashion Education institutes around the world have seen a steep rise of applicants. Many Fancy themselves Careers in Design, Buying and Styling with the simple merit they they have a Fashion Blog and believe they are able to more than well put outfits together. Pair that with a large Instagram following and gifting from several high street labels and a select number will even figure they can bypass education all together because hey- Istagram speaks the truth, right?

Wrong. I urge you all to read the very well written article THE CIRCUS OF FASHION written by Hilary Alexander for the New York Times. There is a specific phrase in which she summons up what exactly is wrong with these budding Fashionistas ambitions in the fashion industry; something taught to her at a very young age: when critiquing a garment or a designer remember this: It isn’t good because you like it. You Like it because it is Good.

Another very interesting point she makes is this: If fashion is for everyone, is it really fashion? What may she mean by this you wonder? Surely we all need to dress? Yes, but do we all dress well? do we all consider ourselves part of fashion as we dress in the morning? And with the highstreet chains allover the world producing at mass speed, never without some new styles to launch every WEEK- are all the budding Fashionistas really that individual? do they have a unique and different perspective to show us?

Of course – some do and this is where I bring you back to Our beloved Pierre Berge. Consider this: Fashion is not art. But Fashion needs an Artist. There are indeed still a good number of renegades and non conformists who manage to keep their individuality in the fashion jungle. These are the Visionaries, The Artists who use Fashion as their Medium and who inspires us every day. Here is a list of our favorites:

Since 2012 we have been admiring Leandra Medines MAN REPELLER blog. Not only has she got Killer style, breaking all kind of “rules” and Repell Men as she says (hence the name of the blog) but a wit and humor that surpass many of her peers. Check her out and laugh out loud.

Furthermore we have the ever so Fierce Glamour Queen and BFF to Dita Von Tease BUTCHWAX VINTAGE who specializes in TRUE 1920-60s Hollwood style red carpet Vintage Gowns. No Matter what is going on on the highstreet- This dame of true classic style can teach us all a thing or two about real Fashion!

Finally we take our hat off to the Swedish team behind eco friendly and minimalist but Oh so Classic style blog MAKE IT LAST. Run by a duo of two ice cool Swedish fashionistas; this blog is an eye opener for maximum minimal style. A daily inspiration for us.

So when you are all next pondering your next purchase or your general wardrobe choices; think of this blog post. Think about YOU- your personality and use that as a blank canvas to create some fierce fashion Art!