We like to break away from the norm. We are fatigued by your average modern model fashion shoots and advertisement standards. Show us real people, show us real style. We cannot understand why everything has to be so faked in order to become sell able; who set these standards of beauty? Who decided that thin, young models in size 6 should be aspirational? The general population of consumers have gone along with this for too long and change is coming. You can already see it on the catwalks during the various fashion weeks and with the rising power of social media- REAL people are finally getting a voice and an image.

Freedom of Ztyle provide fashion for a variety of people, gender, age, creed and colour. We welcome all, so therefore we have recently had a photoshoot we named 17-71. Our models in this shoot are real people who are really beautiful and they are aged between 17 to 71. They are from all walks of life; male, female, Brazilian, Scouse, Black, white, mixed, red heads, grey heads,Straight hair, curly hair, wig hair, blue and brown eyed, size 6-16 and totally AWESOME! We thank you all for being a part of our small but important revolution.

We urge you to take a look and celebrate their uniqueness with us. All welcome, none excluded!