“You are such Hippies” are words we hear alot. As soon as people hear about our business, our ethos and love for a re and up-cylcling as well as a circular economy paired with a distaste for wasted products of many various kinds; Hippies seem to many to be an apt description of us. And we Embrace that. We are happy Modern Hippies and here is why we think all of us need to embrace and empower our inner Hippies!

The Hippie Movements started in earnest in the mid 1960’s in San Fransisco; however they were heavily influenced by Bohemians from the Eastern parts of the world. Embracing core values such a Love, kindness and respect for one another, as well as a more basic back to nature style of living, distancing themselves from consumerism of “modern” life. The hippie movement was also very much against any form of aggression in terms of violence and war and they openly had no support for politics and governments – but believed instead the power should be with the People, hence the famous phrase Power to the People.

The Hippie Movement also popularized the PEACE SIGN and have thus made it in to a widely used and even commercial logo. It was designed in 1958 by the British Artist Gerald Hotlom as a symbol for the Nuclear Disarmament movement. The sign is actually the letters N and D from the Semaphore alphabet.

So why do we think this is important? In the current Political and environmental climate we believe people need to Galvanize towards a better future for us and our children. Our consumerism and way of life is absolutely unsustainable. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter of the environment after the oil industry. Around 80 Billion garments are produced each year and with 85% of that ending up on landfills (remember many fabrics nowadays are not biodegradable) we need to  Curb this insane industry by making INFORMED shopping choices and lessen the demand!

Freedom of Ztyle make what we call FOREVER FASHION and support a circular economy (no newly produced items used in our business but products and material already in circulation). We embrace Peace, Love, Unity of ALL and believe it is necessary for us all to stop mass consumption on the current levels. Embrace your inner Hippie and think about your choices.