One of our most popular designs are the Goddess and Queen Ranges. Id like to provide some background info on our reasoning for these motifs and our own thoughts and processes behind them.

Once when on an island somewhere in Thailand, I had my astrology chart read. It was quite an incredible experience and the female astrologer, who had never met me before, was able to tell me about myself in personal details certainly unbeknown to her, before reading my chart. One of the of the strong topics we touched on was femininity / women; and the strong influence this topic will have in my life. With Venus as my guiding planet – femininity is a strength if treated correctly, she said (I am an Aries with Aquarius rising, guided by main planet Venus).

This topic makes sense as my life has been dominated by female power and also fragility since I was born. My grandmother, one of 6 daughters in a strong female led family; yet also tinted with tragedy and vulnerability and mental illness was rife in my grandmothers lineage of women. My own mother who was my very best friend and main inspiration / motivation, was also an incredibly smart and artistically talented women, with incredible strength- although I lost her far too soon to a heart disease we did not know she carried.  Furthermore, I also have my Mother in law which is leading a very strong female dominant family with a rich and powerful heritage, yet again, they have all faced their struggles in life, although overcome them and learnt to live through various ups and downs that life throws at us as women in particular. The strength we carry is in relation to our own vulnerability and I find that intriguing. I am also convinced we do carry a sixth sense in shape of our intuition, and that we all need to harness and FEEL this much more in our lives. We can turn our emotions into something very powerful and beautiful.

All of us deal with our femininity an various ways and that is our our own prerogative. I have often been told- and being told still to this day that I am sometimes perceived as arrogant and dominant – qualities that apparently do not suit a woman. Had I been a man, these qualities would not have been a problem, but certainly an accreditation to me.  It is lucky for me, I suppose, that I stopped caring what other people think of me long ago. After some teenage trauma of rumors about me, I came through and realised it didnt really affect who I am at all – my life continues in spite of other peoples opinion, and I stand strong by this. I hope all women felt the same!

I have always been inspired by women, and imagery of women throughout art and photographic history – I feel there is something very magical about women in art and that they portray a certain kind of depth and mystery which I find very appealing. Furthermore, I am incredibly interested and inspired by various cultures and especially women of other cultures. I have learnt slot about west African Women through my mother in law, I am intrigued by native American culture and history and vowed to educate myself further in the field. I also love the beauty of the Geisha, although I am also very aware of the tragic circumstances it can hold. Goddesses throughout history fascinate me as do their history; Venus, Aphrodite, Venus, Khali, Freya, Cleopatra, Ishtar, Selene, Nefretiti, and so so many more.

It is thus quite understandable that I choose to explore this inspiration and fascination in my work, and will continue to do so much more going forward. I will also post many more blogs about female led historical figures and cultures as I think it is vital we all learn more about our own heritage.

to sum up, I would also like to say that although fascinated by this topic, this does not mean we dislike men or masculinity in any way. In fact- we will be toughing on this subject as well. I adore my husband; the man by my side and I am proud to be his wife. I am also a proud woman and so the journey to further discovery starts here. Enjoy.